Working Dogs Specialist (K9) - Puncak Semerah

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Puncak Semerah K9 is a new business unit established in 2009 to specialise in the supply and training of Specialist Working Dogs for both Protection (Police or Security) and Detection work (sniffing out Drugs, Explosives, Cadaver, Money, Weapons or other Contraband).”

“In addition we also provide training courses for handlers in a variety of fields and disciplines. We provide training for senior personnel of Dog Units in order that they can manage their departments professionally and productively and conduct training to the optimum standards. In the meantime, we provide premium quality dog foods and supplements as well.”

“We strive to deliver the best services and high-end products to all our clients hence we hope will become a major supplier of working dogs worldwide.

German Shepherd
Doberman Pinschers
Belgian Malinois
Springer Spaniel
German Shorthaired Pointer